The Feed A Family Campaign 2014


In recent years, Malaysia has seen an influx of Refugees fleeing from war torn lives and seeking safer pastures. They come from countries like Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Myanmar, Palestine, and most recently – Syria.

The Carefugees’ “Feed A Family 2014 Campaign” aims to alleviate the dire food needs of these families, for the whole month of Ramadhan. Last year, we raised enough for over 1000 families. 

This time around in 2014, we’d like to be able to feed over 2000 refugee families.

And guess what? We need YOUR help to make this possible!

Because, together can make a difference in their lives!


Sponsor a family for 1 MONTH = RM200

Sponsor a family for 2 WEEKS = RM100

Sponsor a family for 1 WEEK = RM50

We welcome Corporate Sponsorships & International Donors.


Account Name : Muslims Professionals Forum Berhad

Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)

[Menara Perkeso Branch, Ground Floor (Right), Menara Perkeso, No. 281, Jalan Ampang, 50538, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.]

Account No: 564427100073

Bank Swift Code (BIC) : MBBEMYKL


For Further Info & To Ask Us How You Can Be An “Agent Of Care” :

Muslim Professionals Forum Berhad (MPF)
Azra Banu : / +60162094500


Sadaf Meenai : / +60122263610

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Launch of the Feed A Family Campaign 2014


Hi, everyone!

In just about a week, we’ll be officially launching our Feed A Family Campaign 2014! Excited? We most certainly are!

Saturday, 24th May – If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Mark that day down!

We promise you an evening filled with an array of delicacies, specially cooked by various refugee communities in the area, an up-close and personal interaction with the refugees, where you’ll get to hear the tales of their joys and sorrows firsthand! Not forgetting, the special performance that the refugees have got planned up!

It’s a day of learning, understanding, creating lifetime bonds, and of course…to raise the funds that the campaign needs, to ensure that our dear brothers and sisters are well taken care off, at the very least, on the month of Ramadhan!

Details of event :
Date : Saturday, 24th May 2014.
Time : 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Place : Pusat Komuniti, Bukit Bandaraya

For extra info on the event, and more constant updates on our campaigns;
Get on to our event page :

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Hope to see you there!

The Story of Noor


As a 16 year old,

What if I told you, you don’t have to do your homework?

What if I told you, you don’t ever have to study?

What if I told you, you don’t have to spend time worrying about your hair or boys?
Sounds too good to be true, right?
Well, this is exactly the life *Noor has.
But hold on a second, before you put your head out to see if the sky is falling, let me tell you why.
Noor doesn’t have to do homework, because she doesn’t go to school.
She doesn’t go to school, because she’s forced to work.
She doesn’t spend time worrying about boys, or her hair, because she has graver things to worry about.
Noor is a Rohingya.
In May last year, her village was attacked. Her father was taken away by the military, and she hasn’t seen him since. With no means to prove otherwise, he is presumed to be dead. He was their sole provider.
Not wanting him to suffer the same fate, her 25 year old brother was asked to flee by their mother.
“Run my son! Into the jungle, the mountains, the border. Just…run!” He was their protector.
Then it was just Noor, her two younger siblings and their mother.

Fearing for their safety, Noor’s mother gathered them all and fled.
First to Thailand, where Noor did odd jobs, but it was hardly enough to feed their family of four.

Then just last year, they arrived in Kuala Lumpur with only the clothes on their back, and nothing else to call their own.
They now live in a tiny room, all four of them, squeezed into a shoe box.
Noor has forgotten what it’s like being a teenager.

All she can think of, is getting the family’s next meal.

Her childhood is no more.
Noor is now officially a refugee.
This is one story.
One life.
One child.
And there are many more out there.
Possibly, in worse conditions.
It’s time we change that.
And we need your help.
Yes, YOU.
Join us and together, we can make a little difference to their lives.
Look out for Carefugees - Feed a Family 2.0.

Coming to you, this Ramadhan.


Author’s note* : The name of refugee has been changed in respect to the privacy of the individual.

Feed a Family 2.0

Carefugees 2014

Did you know that since our Feed a Family campaign 2013, there has been an increase in the number of refugees here in Malaysia?

Fleeing from wars and civil strife most of them come here with just the clothes on their back. 

Carefugees is partnering once again with Malaysia Social Research Institute or MSRI, that takes excellent care of these refugees!

There are currently 1000 families registered with them and this number grows by the day.

This Ramadhan, we have pledged to help alleviate the dire food needs of at least these families.

We need your help. Let us together put some food on their table, this Ramadhan!

Look out for Feed a Family 2.0!

Food Delivery

[Gift Basket]Food Delivery

We’re on to the final phase of the Feed a Family Campaign – the Food Delivery. With the good help of our partners My Hero Hypermarket, we will have 600 packs of food all ready to go.

But we can only successfully do this with the help of our dedicated volunteers, or as we’d like to call – the Agents of Care. We’re looking for a minimum of 30 cars to help us deliver these food packs to each respective families.

You’d need to register yourself and your vehicle so we can coordinate with you more efficiently. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to entertain those who do not register.

Please register HERE!

The refugees will be coming anytime from 10am – 4pm to redeem their food vouchers. Upon receiving their heavy food baskets, the volunteers will then have the honour of sending them back to their respective homes.

As a volunteer, you may choose between these time slots:
Morning slot: 10am – 12pm
Afternoon slot: 12pm – 2pm
Evening slot: 2pm – 4pm

Please take note of these time slots and come according to your convenience.

Food Delivery Details:

Meeting Point: My Hero Hypermarket, Jalan Dagang (view map)
Date: 14 July 2013
Time: 10am – 4pm


  • Please volunteer with the correct intention. We’re here to help the refugees and not to make ourselves feel better. The refugees comes first.
  • Do not take any photographs of the refugees WITHOUT their permission.
  • You MAY take photographs of volunteers, the food baskets, and the pavements if you wish, just as long as you don’t offend the refugees. They are quite sensitive with their privacy.
  • DO expect some waiting time as the refugees will come any time between 10am – 4pm.
  • With more than 500 families expected, things will get a bit messy. So come with a smile and plenty of PATIENCE.
  • To avoid getting lost, do bring along your GPS, Waze along with its chargers.


We can now give more, to help more.

YES WE DID IT!!!! Amazing amazing amazing!! What started out as an ambitious attempt to raise RM200 for 550 families, we now have more than enough to increase that amount to RM350 for 600 families!!!

We could never have anticipated the level of support and encouragement we received. We have now far exceeded ALL of our expectations!!

We wanna give a big THANK YOU to all of you who contributed and supported us in any way and form.

DISCLAIMER: ALL your efforts go directly to the refugee families and NONE to the Carefugees operations.

[GiftBasket] Success

[NST] Looking out for those living under the radar

Excerpts from an article written in NST by Nuradilla Noorazam

WHEN a group of young, passionate individuals team up to help a community, it is bound to create a ripple and raise   societal awareness.

Hoping to create such an awareness among Malaysians, four activists in Kuala Lumpur decided to assist refugees in the nation.

This year, they kicked off a fundraising programme to help supply a month’s worth of food for 560 refugee families for the upcoming fasting month.

“Feed a Family” is a social initiative to help families of asylum seekers experience an enriching Ramadan by providing them with food and donations.

With a donation of RM200, donors are able to support one refugee family for the whole of Ramadan.

Operating under the name “Carefugees”, an open group that provides care and support for the refugee community, volunteer Amin Rahman said the group’s aim was to create a sustainable, fun and easy module for Malaysians to help those who were less fortunate through crowd sourcing.

“We mainly communicate with our friends and followers through social media and word of mouth.

“It is quite remarkable to see that there are many Malaysians who do not know about asylum seekers who are suffering in their own backyard.

“When they find out about the asylum seekers, they are willing to help as Malaysians are compassionate and charitable in nature.”

Read more here

World Refugee Day


World Refugee Day is celebrated worldwide on 20 June each year to recognise the courage of refugees in rebuilding their lives despite the horrors they have faced, and to create awareness and garner public support for creating a humanitarian space for refugees.

The UNHCR will be launching a photo exhibition entitled “The Most Important Thing”.

They spoke to refugees to ask them what did they bring with them when they fled their countries? Their stories are powerful, because their resilience is obvious. Yet also touching, because most of them know they will never have their old lives again. 

KL SENTRAL STATION, Saturday, 22 June 2013
10.00am – 4.00pm

Other highlights: Refugee art bazaar and performances.
Admission is free!

Find out more on how you can be involved:

Plight of the Refugee Woman.


Five women from five countries, all bound to the same fate as refugees, here in Malaysia. They face life one day at a time, in fading hope, alleviated only through the bond of their friendship and journey together. This is their plight.

sudan-womanSaleema is from Sudan. She speaks four languages (Arabic, English, French, and Malay). She’s married, with three young children. Her husband, Muhammad has a professional background in restaurant management yet is unable to find a job legally here in Malaysia, while Saleema struggles as a free-lance teacher. They arrived in Malaysia a few years ago, and are only able to make enough money to put a little bit of food on the table for their children every month. Similar to other refugee parents, there are days where Saleema & Muhammad don’t eat at all or have just one meal in order to feed their three kids.

Mariam, and her husband Kareem are from Afghanistan. They’ve been living in Malaysia as refugees for the past two years. They have a beautiful son who just turned one year old, a few months ago. Kareem used to do odd jobs, mainly taking care of the shisha preparations in small cafes. Unfortunately due to illness, Kareem could no longer continue with that line of work. Several months past as Kareem struggled with his own health while attempting to find a new opportunity for income, but met with failure repeatedly due to his refugee status.

Even after being registered under the UNHCR program, refugees like Kareem aren’t allowed to work legally in Malaysia. Without steady employment, the lack of income has taken a toll on Kareem’s health as he doesn’t have the funds to seek proper medical treatment. Mariam, Kareem and their one year old son have been diagnosed with malnutrition for a long time now. The only form of support they receive are intermittent donations that provide food on the table irregularly.

132312980_31nIn the midst of all these difficulties, Saleema and Mariam have found comfort in their friendship. Both women strive to find opportunities everyday, in order to ensure that their families are safe and healthy. They recently met Jamila, a strong-willed Iraqi woman who lived as a refugee in Syria for four years before coming here to Malaysia. Surviving in Syria for four years wasn’t easy but the situation became worse when the armed conflict began there. Jamila, together with her five children had to flee Syria then, leaving her husband behind. As a single woman here in Malaysia for the last one year, she’s had tremendous difficulties accessing support and employment, thus facing similar problems of malnutrition & not having enough food for the family.

Jamila is just one amongst the hundreds of Iraqi citizens who had been seeking refuge in Syria, and then eventually had to flee in fear of their lives during the armed conflict. This is a similar story shared by Fatema, also a single mother of three children from Palestine, all of whom are suffering from different medical problems. The biggest concern in Fatema’s mind has always been how to help her children medically when her financial conditions are so bleak.

417930_10151433467286275_179050098_nRefugees in Malaysia like Fatema & her children are all billed as foreigners at hospitals here, irrespective of public or private, which is effectively double or more in comparison to what a Malaysian citizen pays. If a refugee is lucky enough to be registered under the UNHCR program, he or she is provided a fifty percent subsidization on medical bills. But bear in mind, that this is a refugee who is charged a foreigner rate, and often doesn’t even have a steady income, therefore even a fifty percent subsidized bill is often out of their financial capacity.

Mona, an Irani refugee here in Malaysia knows all these families through their children. She works tirelessly, teaching the kids how to read & write in English, better preparing them for the possibilities of an education in the future. Not only does Mona interact with the children as a teacher, but she relates to them as a refugee herself, struggling to make ends meet every month, hoping for better opportunities in order to provide her own family a dignified life.

In the face of such hardship, these women continue to fight a battle everyday, hoping to bring back some level of normality and dignity to their own families. But they shouldn’t have to face such overwhelming odds alone. It’s time you, me, and all of the beautiful citizens of Malaysia come together to remove the suffering of these lost and afflicted families. Refugees like Saleema, Mariam, Jamila, Fatema, and Mona need a voice, and that’s what Carefugees aims to become – a platform through which support & awareness can be raised for these people.

If you’ve read this far, perhaps you’re asking yourself “so where do I begin to help these people?”. A good beginning is in the Carefugees “Feed a Family” campaign, where the families of Saleema, Mariam, Jamila, Fatema, and Mona are just five out of the 550 registered under UNHCR & MSRI (Malaysian Social Research Institute), that will receive a gift basket full of food & amenities, lasting them the entire month of Ramadan.


   Join the Carefugees by becoming part of the “Feed a Family” campaign.